Product of a Broken Home
2002-02-22 13:48:37 (UTC)

Early Morning Dusk

i think i need sleep. considering i haven't slept since
1:30pm, yesterday, and now have to spend a day at school
actually do stuff. yeah.

i didn't get any sleep last night. instead, i sat up re-
reading my journal from last summer, crying, writing, and
then reading a book. somewhere inbetween all of that i did
try to sleep, it just didn't work, i'd lay down, turn off
the lights, and try to get comfortable, and end up crying.

i've become an emotional basketcase.

i did write some stuff that really helped, whether i let
the person i wrote it to read it or not, doesn't matter
that much. i should, and might, but even if i don't, just
writing it really helped. cleared my head, made things make
a lot more sense.

on a happier note: i get to go to school today.

yeah, i know that sounds like a bad thing, but i miss all
my friends, so i'm happy. i'm quite disappointed that
teachers aren't getting anything they wanted from the
strike though, it kinda defeats the purpose. but we might
be back on strike by monday.

either way, i'm glad for the little bit of time there i
have. plus i can get my gloves out of my locker, just as it
warms up too...damn

stay sane inside insanity