duff man

just my stuff and what not
2002-02-22 07:53:10 (UTC)

my first entry. hoorah!

well i have an e-diary now. i have never used a diary for
very long before cos i usually get bored with em. well
maybe this one will be different. i went swimming today at
ocean baths that was alright, actually nah it was shit cos
none of my friends were doing it. my ex gf erin got with
this kid in yr 9 that kinda pissed me off but i dont really
care that much. she just rang me up and asked if i was
still taking her to the yr 10 formal thing. i dunno if i
want too, i heard it sucked and well i kinda am pissedthat
she got with that guy,i spose she dumpedme 2 weeks ago or
something so shes allowed to but still i just kinda felt
crap. man im having a whinge im like a fucking emo kid.
argh i need to go have fun somewhere so i can forget about
stupid school and all that shit. im going to see ali tonight
that should be good it damm well better be! anwyay i think
this is a lengthy first diary entry. bye bye

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