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2002-02-22 07:50:23 (UTC)

Valentine's Day

Today's Valentine's Day! I saw lots of couples together.
The way they're close together makes me envy them. *sigh* I
wish that I have someone to get close to.

Anyway, as usual, I have my classes early in the morning.
Eight o' clock to be precise. But my day's really turning
out to be not good. First, our teacher moved our class to
another building which is on the opposite end of the
building where our next class would be in. We'd be out of
breath by the time we get there after the first class.

So, here's our first class. We bore it because we had a
test. Right after that, our teacher discussed the test with
us. It had me boiling in a temper because what he's been
showing us wasn't actually what he's been teaching us. But
to be honest, he's not really teaching us anything. So I
waited for the bell to ring. As people started to file of
the class, I heard some of my classmates saying that
they're enemies for the moment. You see, they've been
kicked out of our second class because the teacher got
angry at them for being so noisy. That is bad news. I
digested it for a while.

When we're out of the class, I had to suffer minutes of
slow walking because people are just taking long to walk.
We made an attempt to overtake some of them. Finally, I
whisphered to my friend about what I've heard. She too
thought that this is bad news.

We forgot about it for the moment as we walked hurriedly.
As we were approaching the building where our next class
would be, the best thing happened.

At first, I wan't aware of it, but when I focused my eyes
properly on the people passing us by, I saw him. He was
looking straight which I'm way out of his vision. I waited
for the moment when he will notice me.

I was almost losing hope that he will when suddenly he
looked at our direction and smiled. He only saw my friend.
He smiled and it was the brightest thing I've ever seen. He
looked so handsome! I think that he saw me at the last
moment that's why he looked back, but my smile was ready
for it. I was looking at him, following him with my eyes.
*sigh* My day's complete.

I looked in front again and continued walking. My friend
commented, "He was wearing red."

"He is?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, he is." I said, running his appearance through my
mind. Then, "He looks so cute!"

"He just had a new haircut. He looked nice," my friend said.

"Yes," I confirmed. "And he's wearing red. He must be in
love," I joked. "He just saw you, Heidi," I continued.

My friend just said, "I have my charms." I laughed at that.

Well, on to my second class. After that, we ate at the
cafeteria. There were less people there. It's Valentine's
Day. Couples are dining out for a date. It had me thinking
about him again. I wish he's my boyfriend and we're close
together, hands entwined. But, hey, snap out of it. It will
never happen. And my comment about him being in love, I was
serious about it. I'd feel really sad if he really does
have someone in his heart, but I have to accept that he'll
never look my way. It's a lonely thought, but reality is
reality. I can only fantasize about it once in a while.

The image oof him in red polo shirt, clean haircut, and
smiling face was stamped into my mind. I just wish that I
also have a P--- (I don't remember the name. It's in Harry
Potter) so that I can see his face whenever I want.

You know, it's strange. I don't even know his last name.

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