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2002-02-22 07:37:59 (UTC)

Old letter

I was going though a box in one of my drawers when I
came upon a lettr that Shelly had written to me last year.
It was a letter of consolation for something that had
happened. But back to the point, recently, I have been
going through several stressful situations but when I was
reading the letter, I was warped to the past for the 2
minutes it took me to read it. And for those few minutes,
my life was simple and relaxing. It was almost as if
everything was wipped away, nothing else mattered except
for Shelly. I loved it, but it faded away, and some things
that she said made me miss her and realize that I haven't
talked to her in quite some time now. A song that Shelly wrote in her
letter made me love her again. Here it is:
"When you're sad, and when you're blue
let the sun shine over you.
It will make your feelings nice
So you should take my advice.
When you're sad, and when you're blue
let the Sun shine over you."
Nothing much. Her twin sister, Jakie, wrote it. But the fact
that she thought it would cheer me up meant so much to me. She is my
sun, and when I'm sad and when I'm blue she is the one who washes
over me and "makes my feelings nice." I miss her. And, no
matter how hard I try, no one can replace her at this time.
But, to make it simplar for future entries, the new girl
will be called "X".
Last night, I couldn't sleep. I laid awake for almost
an hour and a half, until I grabbed a pillow, and imagined
it as Shelly. Nothing sexual, but her imaginary presence
gave me a sense of security. And it was in that sense, that
I was able to sleep. I am kinda embarassed to type this,
but I am being truthful. So don't knock me to badly about
it. Well, its late, so this is goodbye for now. Till next time.

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