Allison's Journal
2002-02-22 06:29:09 (UTC)

Ich bin mude

Yeah, so I haven't updated this forever. Today I
unsuccessfully slept in, started my Star Wars marathon,
chopped my hair off, and hung out at JB's. On Tues. I went
to a hardcore show at Frank's. The only band I enjoyed was
Dispensing. Although, it was cool to be frightened by the
crazy straightedge mosh kids. I bought Orange Rhyming
Dictionary yesterday. It's not what I expceted at all. I
was in a Jets to Brazil mood, and I only had 8 seconds of
Conrad on my computer...yeah so I was intruiged.
Things...yes things are going quite well now. The downside
is that I'm really afraid of balancing everything out. I
think everything will work out alright. I sure hope so.

Mit liebe,