Real Life
2002-02-22 05:29:43 (UTC)

"Hard Feelings" Feb 21,2002

Today was a very awkward day for me. First of all it all
started out with these lies about a Friday night event with
2 drunk guy's who can't seem to tell the truth to anyone
along their way. The hard feeling's hit me after school
when I found out many things. Here's the story well this
Chris Hansen a boy who now lives in Logan and use to live
in Tremonton until New Years day. He had me talk to him on
the phone for the very first time for oh about 8 hours
which was like 11pm-7am until we decided oh wouldn't that
be so great if Chris could come and visit me Sunday
morning. So he had asked his mom on the phone so early and
she said yes. Well about half an hour later I was excited
and ready to see him. Later on he pulled into the driveway
and came to the door I led him downstairs. We had talked
about falling asleep cuddling on the phone which is odd.
But he told me to cuddle with him and so I did and while
watching a useless show of spongebob as he said we fell
asleep from no sleep and all talk all night long. Well an
hour later I knew he had to go so he seemed to have rushed
out in a hurry and asked for a quick pick me up hug. Than
he forgot where he put his shoes and I had to remind him
that they were in by the front door. So, he rushed out all
tired and the word \\\"DUH\\\" written on his
face. Later
night I talked to him and it seemed unusually weird like he
didn't wanna remember it but than again he did. He asked if
we kissed and I had said no which he had felt bad about.
Than a few day's later I acted like my cousin which was
today and I asked him if Amanda and him liked eachother and
he had said well she likes me and I liker her. He also
metioned that we had kicked it off. Which is good. Out of
my curiosity of my likeness of him I asked if he would ever
ask amanda out which is me of course he said no I don't
want a girlfriend especially long distance. And He said
girl's were evil. I had explain myself wasn't evil but a
funny crap to hang with. He said noo sorry I don't want a
girlfriend I replied like any cousin would and said that's
cool with no doubt in my mind he was just being nice. But,
this even has confused me so very much. And I have had
problems with boy's but this one cut me deep deeper than
any other. As of today it was hard and long. As of now I
won't cry and hold strong. So, that's my hard day's worth
of thinking! Peace out/Manda