Online With Patrick D. McCormick
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2002-02-22 05:27:22 (UTC)

2/22/02 12:25:49 AM FRI MORNING RADFORD VA

I never knew days could last this long. Lectures all day
long. I’m tired, I haven’t been sleeping well over the
past few nights.

No mail. I think I twisted my ankle earlier this week and
that’s why my leg has been hurting.

I had a good day though, stayed in a good mood.

I began painting tonight, for a new piece I’m
calling “Internal Damage.” The first coat went on
beautifully. I finished reading The Sound and the Fury.

Tomorrow I’m going to see a play called “As Bees In Honey
Drown.” And Maybe Ill have mail

It is a another sad day in history:

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel
Pearl, kidnapped last month on his way to interview a
Muslim fundamentalist leader in Pakistan, has been killed
by his abductors, officials said Thursday. The U.S.
government condemned his killing as "an outrage" and his
newspaper called it an "act of barbarism."