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2002-02-22 04:21:42 (UTC)

my vaginas pissed.

tonight was a good night. i went with emily to see the
vagina monologues. it was so amazing. so very amazing. i
had such a great time. today she was in one of her
different kind of moods. but, it doesnt matter. i am so in
love with her. i am so tired right now i can barely keep my
eyes open...and i have so much to do. so much. and i dont
think im capable of doing anything more. not tonight
anyway. it all has to be done by saturday morning. which
means im going to have to do A LOT tomorrow. on top of all
of the school shit that i have to do...my group thing.
blah. whatever. at least i dont have a second class
tomorrow. i want another tattoo. i want coffee. i miss
coffee. my back hurts a whole lot. a whole whole lot right
now. way too much driving today...a way a lot too much. im
not thinking clearly. im so tired...
yeah...time for sleep. wheres my bitch.