the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-02-22 04:11:14 (UTC)

damn covers and pop

as is quickly becoming my new favorite expression: "well,
fuck me with a silver laden spoon."

okay, so we've all heard the song "Ain't No Mountain High,"
right? yeah, of course. and we've all heard "Sugar Sugar"
right? and, of course, the ever-famous "Leaving On A Jet

yeah, so WHY THE HELL are little, unknown artists doing
covers of them in hopes of making it big?? face it --
they're already hits -- by singing it, you can only go down
okay? and justin timberlake doing "jet plane?" yeah, okay.
kill me now. please? i beg of you.

but even worse than that is little miss. i-go-in-for-knee-
surgery-and-come-out-with-breast-implants britney spears
herself does a cover of joan jett!!! britney? joan jett can
kick your ass from here to timbuktu if she so desired. and
if you truly love rock 'n' roll, then why don't you sing it
instead of doing some pansy-assed popped up version of it?
and joan jett must seriously need some cash to let britney
spears sing it!

but are "musicians" these days really skimping on available
songs? why oh why can't there be quality music anymore?
whatever happened to catchy stuff like "blue suede
shoes," "take on me," "pour some sugar," and the like? yeah
okay, so i like the 80s (a-ha and def leppard KICK ASS) but
still - music at least was better. and original.

come on -- "hangin' tough" vs. "pop" -- who'd win? new kids
on the block vs. nsync. aerosmith vs. korn. def leppard vs.
limp bizkit. yeah, so maybe limp could kick def's ass, but
as for the rest? yeah its pretty obvious.

and okay, so i liked a good, catchy pop song every once in
a while, but have ya'll heard otown? okay, so break it
down -- "liquid dreams," "we fit together," "take me
under," "every six seconds." okay, so i don't know about
you, but i don't particularly like hearing my 7-year old
cousin listening to five guys singing about xxx dreams,
blow jobs, sex, sex and more sex. and i work with
kindergarteners on the weekends, and i heard one of the
kids singing this line: "goosebumps on your body guide the
way...i wanna go all night ain't no stopping till the
breakin of the dawn, i wanna go inside -- every corner --
girl, you really turn me on, i wanna go knock knock our
bodies to the beat..." she was FIVE YEARS OLD. i love music
as much as the next person, but not when my 7 year old
cousin asks me what a "liquid dream" and a blow job is.

i vote for going back to the days of asking "brother can
you spare a dime?"