Life is like a bowl of Cherries
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2002-02-22 03:44:36 (UTC)

Garlic Pudding

This concept I got from a recording of Josh McDowell on
WJIE. I couldnt remember it all, but these things stuck in
my mind. If i were to speak at IMPACT any time soon, this
is what I would speak about. its really good. :)

"The right thing at the wrong time, is the wrong thing.

Relationships in High School are like shopping without any
money. You go and you look around, trying things on, with
the mindset that if you do find something you want, you can
always come back later and buy it. Or (a lot of people
think) you can "put it on hold" until you are prepared to
buy it. Until its the right time to buy it. And then you
find something that is you! It fits you perfectly! This top
(or this girl, or guy) is nice, it looks cute, "has a great
personality" ...looks good with a hat on. (haha) Its what
youve been looking for. But what are you gonna do? You
can't do anything about it!
So, in order to save you that heartache are you
willing to say "God, this is what I'm dealing with right
now. Here's my thing... "
See, God's definition of a relationship is a lot
different from the world's view of a relationship. One big
thing is that, the world veiws singleness as a bad thing.
Singleness is a gift! Ya know, some people say "a single
guy wishes he was married until he gets married and then he
wishes he was single again!" God has great plans for
single people! For people who God has intended to be single
all their lives, and then the people who aren't intended to
be single all their lives but still go through single
periods. Those are the two types of people relationships in
God's eyes. For those who are going to get married, and the
majority of the people in this room right now will get
married, for those of you, singleness is a blessing. It is
a time where you can make yourself whole and holy and
pleasing to God. A time where you can become who you will
be, and in these periods of singleness you need to let God
work in you, let him mold you into the person, the man the
woman that He has always intended for you to be. So when
you are single, don't ask "What am I going to do about it?"
but rather, "What am I going to do with it?"

I heard a story once about a boy and a girl. The girl
said "I'll trade you my candy for your marbles!" The boy
thought about it and agreed. The girl went to her house to
get her candy while the boy went to his house to get his
marbles. But while the boy was getting his marbles, he saw
a few that he couldn't bear to part with. So he left a few
in his drawer, and they traded and he got her candy and she
got some of his marbles. That night, the girl was sleeping
soundly in her bed, but the boy was wide awake. He kept
wondering if she knew he didn't give her all his marbles.
And he wondered if she kept some of her best candy or if
she gave him all of it.
We do that with God. In our life, we pray "God, is
this your best? Is this the best that you have for me right
now?! In this relationship, in this friendship in this time
in my life, is this the best you have for me?" But ya
know, You will never see God's best until you give him your
all. "

And by the way, I think I'm deciding to wait until after
high school for a relationships. That isnt the "right "
thing, or the "wrong" thing.. just "MY" thing.


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