bay turtle

This is Reality?
2001-05-02 18:25:34 (UTC)

Back from Chicago

Last night we returned home from Chicago... What a blast!
Talk about a long trip, though. Yesterday was 19 hours on a
bus. Ughh! We sang at the Sears Tower (very impromtu), and
sang the same song to the Chicago skyline the next night.
Very cool.

This is what we sang. Pardon if the spelling is wrong, it's
an African tongue (Can't remember which lnaguage... I"m
still so tired!)

Nko si se ke leli Africa
Mali pan kan yhis up hon do lwa yo
Yiva Yiva ne mi thn dazu ye thu
Nko si, si ke le la,
Nko si, se ke le la.

Freedom is coming,
Freedom is coming, oh yes I know!
Oh Freedom!
Oh Freedom!
Freedom is coming freedom is coming!
Freedom is coming oh yes,
It's coming, it's coming!
It's coming! I know!
Freedom is coming, freedom is coming!

I'll have an mp3 of the thing performed by a local choir in
three weeks, hopefully. Still have to talk to the director
about that.

I have 35 new messages in Hotmail alone.. probably only three of them
are actual messages. There were 12 in AOL, and only one was a real
email. Then, there were 6 in altavista, and 14 in yahoo. (my
"exclusively" junk mail boxes. I swear, more people get my AOL screen
name to send me junk than anyplace else! As for Hotmail, I just don't

It is so hot in this room... I feel like I am burning alive in here.
How is anybody supposed to sleep a)in this heat, and b) with a
weedwacker going downstairs outside the window?

HMPF. I"m going to find a fan, and try to sleep.