Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
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2002-02-22 02:00:56 (UTC)

Battle of the Boys

Current mood: Blah, tired, indecisive, ate too much junk.
Current music: Flavor of the Weak by American Hi-Fi

Hmm. So the most recent dilemma has become, who do I
want: Matt or Justin? Of course, I will probably never
date either of them, because according to the laws of
nature (apparently) boys do not like me period.
Nonetheless, pursuing them both would be too exhausting and
an inefficient use of my time. Let's review their good guy
qualities, shall we?

Justin: Junior at C.H.S. 6'1" In my 5th period, we chat
frequently in the hall. Plays football. Liked him since
January 02. SO Christian. Plays guitar, writes his own
songs, sings in this GORGEOUS voice. Drives black Z71. We
freestyle rap together, it's so fun. Hilarious, always
makes me smile. Always tells me how funny I am(long story,
but let's just say his nickname for me is Macy Gray.) and
how great my singing is. (we have choir together.) SO
sweet. Gorgeous teeth. Obviously a dedicated boyfriend.
Moralistic, but not overly so. Most recent love-inducing
statement (said to a friend with bf troubles): "Well if he
really likes you, he'll do anything for you. I believe
that my girl should be treated like a queen."

Matt: Senior at C.H.S. 6'4" In my 7th period, talk
occasionally in the hall. Quit cross-country this year.
Liked him since November 01. Cute skinny punk rock guy in
Converse hi-tops, studded belt and t-shirt. Likes weird
punk rock, which we've listened to on our various short
road-trips. Shares my odd habit of speaking in Spanish.
Drives the same car as me, Crown Victoria, but a different
color. Hilarious, but much funnier than Justin. Always
says hi to me, always offers to take me home, gave me his
breakfast. Also less of a flirt than Justin. On the
newspaper staff with me, a GREAT writer. Going into the Air
Force. Smart, not in a bookish way. Gorgeous teeth as well.
Close with mutual best friend Lindsay, whom he supposedly
does not like "like THAT"(she's taken anyway) Perfect green
eyes. Ticklish, which is quite funny at his size. A little
moody, but b/c sick this week. Appears a dedicated
boyfriend as well, believer in the laws of chivalry. Love-
inducing statement (made to me, an explanation why he
didn't place at a recent writing competition): "It must
have been because you weren't there. If you had been there
last weekend, I would have done much better."
Anyone have any ideas as to who Mr.RightNow could be?
~sigh~ I dunno what to do...I have to ask SOMEONE to go to
the swim banquet with me and it's next Saturday..I'm buying
a cute outfit tomorrow. I'm quite confused! Yuk, I sound so
high school. yall message me with any ideas, k? love, manda

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