punker waiting for godot
2002-02-22 01:54:10 (UTC)

attack me for having blue hair?

HELOOOWW!! what is up with that. blue is perfectly normal
hair color for me. i look good in blue, as opposed to pink
or yellow. playing so long in punk bands and living my
whole life in hollywierd it is normal repeat.

some weirdo from penn. somewhere just ripped me. alright
also after not getting a second email from a random penn.
female i wrote. i'm getting the impression that there is
something in the water this week. if yer in penn. don't
drink the water it could save your life. you know i
remember people in penn to be very nice and enjoyed our
music and blue hair.

just bar-b-q ed stakes on the barbie. mmmmmm mmmmm good.
if your not in sunny california today was about 82 degrees
sunny and really niiiicccee!!! good winter weather. yea i
can hear you saying i"i like seasons to have contrast".
well me too but i like our toasty hot winter days.

i got two rehearsals tonight with "pardon my french"
and "go long".


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