Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-02-22 01:02:51 (UTC)

Am I Lucky?

OK, well I was sick today, and that sucked ... but I think
all I missed was an Algebra test and some Chem. notes so
its all good...
Oh on the RacerX site:
Rock, Paper, Scissors: Team SoBe Suzuki's Travis Pastrana
and Kevin Windham couldn't verbally agree on who would
try 'tripling' the middle portion of the rhythm section
during Friday's practice. The two factory superstars left
it in the hands of a game of rock paper, scissors. Windham
lost and ended up casing the 60-foot leap. Several other
riders' first attempt on at the obstacle produced the same
results; however, Pastrana, who is known for his jumping
skills, landed the leap smoothly.
=== Lol, see why I love motocross ;p heh, not really.
You've got the motorcycles, dirty sweaty guys, and
exhaust. What more could a girl want? Heh... Ok moving
I guess I am pretty damn lucky, I mean people tell me that
I am. Cause I got a new car, or whatever. But even if I
didn't have a car or a motorcycle I'd still be lucky. I
mean, I have cool (granted very unique) friends, parents
who are mostly cool (my dad can be a dork sometimes) and I
get along with them for the most part. I've never gone
hungry, or anything of that crap. God's very cool, I mean
hello! He gave me MX! Heh... So its all good, and I'm
lucky, besides the lack of a certain thing in my life ...
but I can live without that a bit longer...
Mom refuses to let me drive tonight b/c I'm "not fit" (the
whole throwing up thing I guess...) So I can't drive my
beautiful Laninovich till tomorrow :( how sad... I don't
know haw I make it, heh.
Well, I'm going to go make Mac 'n' Cheese, heh. I need
food! Broth and cracker just don't cut it for very long...
*stomach grumbles*

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