Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-02-22 00:14:27 (UTC)


My friend Nathan(he likes me but i dont like
him)...well yesterday we were in our last piriod of the day
and he got called to go to the office in the school. so he
left the class and when he came back i asked him wat he got
into trouble for, scence thats usually the only readsone
they call you to the office. and he told me that his mom
was in a car crash. He took his hat that was on his head
and covered hid face for about 10 minutes(wich was like an
houre)and i knew he was crying and when he took his hat off
his face was a litle red. I wanted to hug him so bad at
that moment. i really did, i wanted to hug him and comfort
him and tell him evorything is going to be alright. but i
sat there thinking like an idiot, i didn't say anything or
dop anything, i jus sat there. fuck!I screwed up again!!!!

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