ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-02-21 23:44:19 (UTC)

RuNin MiLeS

Hey hey yo, yesterday my mom got us a new dog! And i
HatEd it!! well, its a TeriPoo (terrier/poodle) and
its looks just like Sugar (our old dog) but taller and
skinnier and she has long legs and shes 11 months. Her
last owners named her Cookie(so fucking gay) but ya, we
probably wont keep it. I dont know if were gonna keep her
cuz shes really shy and she seems really scared and my mom
doesnt like the fact that she doesnt bark.. We havent heard
her growl or bark once.

OK, why i hate her... well anywayz, me and
Chris decided to take her on a walk yesterday, so we went
to the park. We were just chillen and Kristy came and
chilled with us cuz Ricky was on his way to pick her up.
So Cookie started to i guess pull on the leash and Chris
let it go cuz she was just slowly walking and then Kristy
stompped her foot on it and she freaked Cookie out. she
took off running and Chris took off after her, but the
little fucker was too fast. So we lost her and me and
Chris had to search for her for like 2 hours. She ran
into the town houses and those things are like a maze.
There are like a lot of trees and grass and town houses so
we couldnt find her. But luckily some girl caught her
running and we grabbed her. Oh my gawd!!!!! i
felt soooooooo bad cuz i was really pissed that Chris and
Kristy let her get away so i think Chris could tell i was
pissed and my eyes were getting watery and shit cuz i was
sooo frustrated and we split up and when he came back his
eyes were kinda red and glossy! i think i made him cry!!!
Im soooooo sorry Chris! and hes gone now too. He went to
NAU today for a jazz concert thingy and he wont be back
till tomorrow night either. well gots to go, gotta go
type my lab. later