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2001-05-02 15:52:48 (UTC)

Ready to go


So another day has drifted away from me, couldn't care less.
i've decided that I like tennis, even though I am crap at

**Nice shot, pity it went over to the wrong court**

It was a pretty good day all in all, which is a bit of a
suprise, I don't think I realised how good it was until I
typed that, started off by 90 minutes playing tennis
outside in the rain (more of a slow mechanic drizzle) but
it wasn't cold, instead refreshing. Then a host of other
lessons before I returned here, home. Ally e-mailed me, it
was one of her less surreal ones talking about the movie
A.I, she seems very excited about the whole internet trail
thing and keeps going on about it, clever stunt the movie
makers are pulling these days, maybe that's just me.

I'm apprehensive about seeing the movie though, the
whole "it's not real but has feelings" thing has been done
to a point of near death, near in the way that people still
persist as using it as a basis for their plots, but I'm
eager to see it done well so might take a peak at the movie.

**1 1=11**


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