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2002-02-21 23:20:49 (UTC)

Never let them see you cry

Wow. Love hurts. I do understand. I really do. But it
doesn't make it any eaiser. I love him for him. And I want
him to be happy, and live his life. I just hope that I'm
meant to be a part of it. I can deal with hard and fast
facts, like we're still together or we're not. But being in
limbo sucks. I have never, never, NEVER, cried over a guy
before. That was a first. It hit me hard. I guess that I
love him more than I thought originally. I know that it's
true. I won't write it here, but there is one absolute I
know about myself that I'd be willing to deny just to be
with him. Odd, I know. But it's true. I suppose that I just
have to give him the time. I truely do want him to be
happy. If it's not with me, then with someone. Honestly, I
sound like such a pushover, but it's not like that. Not at
all. He has taught me so much about myself, and restored my
faith in love. It's out there. Really and truely. It's
raining here. That's good. We need it, and it helps. Plus,
listening to the Cake version of I Will Survive plugged
through the house as loud as it'll go is good too. I love
that song. I love that band. I am here, waiting, loving,
hoping. Please, take the time. But promise me that you
won't just dump me without telling me. That I know I could
not survive.


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