The land of unknown
2002-02-21 23:17:37 (UTC)

we's write another.... yes my precious...... my precious

Mood: i am hunky dory ^__^
Music: either Skinlab or a soundtrack cd i made of
songs from Willow, 13th Warrior, and L.O.T.R.

hola. it's been a good while. every now and then i seem
to get bored with this. especially cuz no one responds.
anywho. in creative writing, we're making the anual
literary magazine. and after a long battle, one of the
names i made was the winner. see, Ms. Fiske gave us
a strip of paper and we were supposed to write one
idea on it. i wrote 4. hehe. they were: Alpha And Omega
Files, Book Of Tales, Wise Ramblings, and my favorite,
Prophacies To Pass. that last one almost was chosen,
but they decided it had too little to do with the book and
they tossed it. first they tossed Alpha and Omega, then
Book of Tales was voted out. and Prophacies won the
final vote, but then it was tossed. then one of our main
editors came up with a big list of more names and my
Wise Ramblings was re-added. and in the end, Wise
Ramblings won. i preffered Prophacies To Pass, but i
still got to pick the name. and i plan on putting in a
bunch of my stories and artwork. yea. also, a weak or
so ago i finished reading 'The Hobbit' and now i moved
on to 'Fellowship Of The Ring'. i could be on 'The Two
Towers' , but the move and settling in drew me from
reading for a while. i'm actually sort of reading 3 books.
'Fellowship of the Ring', 'Diablo: Legacy of Blood' (a
book based of the Diablo game, not a satanic book),
and 'Hyperion'. i would have read a bunch of fantasy
books and things, but i spent time reading a bunch of
the Alien books. Alien vs. Predator: Prey, Alien: Earth
Hive, and read the other two parts to that trilogy, and i
read Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. all very god
books. and all done by Steve Perry (not Journy's singer.
they suck) and two of the books with his daughter,
Stephani Perry. yes it's spelled S-t-e-p-h-a-n-i. anywho.
after i finish all of L.O.T.R. if i haven't by then, finish
Diablo and Hyperion. Hyperion is actually a trilogy as
well. so i'll have to get the other books. so far it's pretty
good. Dan Simmons is the auther. i'm not too familier
with his stuff. this one dude that i sit with at lunch
actually said, 'i don't get why people read. it's just
stupid.' those were his words. what an idiot! poor fool. a
couple of my friends have already read the L.O.T.R.
books, but one of them i can't quite believe. some of my
friends are just now getting into The Hobbit. i like
Gollum. he's cool. i've been saying that i'm gonna try to
go to school one day and act like Gollum the whole day.
that'd be a trick. one time last year, i tried to see how
long i could go without talking. it only lasted until 3rd.
that's when i broke. oh well. it was Dustin's idea. it was
kinda fun. aye. yea.