My Real Life Teen Soap Opera
2000-12-06 02:30:24 (UTC)

Dear diary, I finally got..

Dear diary,
I finally got enough courage to tell dillon how i was only in an email, but i still told him,
that's all that matters. i'm so nervous...he hasn't been
on and he hasn't read it yet...i don't want to see him
until he reads it, responds to it, and i read his
response...i feel like i'm gonna puke...i'm so nervous!
his g/f is gonna hate me forever if he tells her, but i
don't think he will...he's not like that, plus they've only
been together for a few days...well, in case u were
wondering what i is an exact copy of the's really stupid, but i think i got the point
across; r u? ok, here. When u were online the other
night did scalpcruiser86 im u? I'm sorry if he is bugging
u, he wanted ur s/n b/f, but i wouldn't give it to him b/c
i know he can get annoying, but he figured it out somehow
b/c i email both of u and he looked up ur pf. is the real reason i wrote u...I have to tell
u something, but i'm not too sure how to tell u, so, i'm
just gonna come right out and say u remember at
that one dance when u asked me if i liked u and i said i
didn't know...well then i didn't, but i think i know now
and i think i do(well i know i do)...I know it's a little
late to tell u b/c i know ur w/ odessa and all, but i had
to get this off my chest...I was going to tell u the other
night when we were talking on here...b/f u were w/ odessa,
but i chickened out...I'm not good at these kind of
things..I probably wrote this letter about a thousand times
b/c i didn't know exactly how i wanted to say this...I
understand if u never want to talk to me again b/c i know
how it feels to have something like this thrown at u. If i
didn't tell u soon, i would go insane b/c kayla p. and ryan
w. kept telling me i should tell u how i feel b/c if i
didn't, i would never know and always wonder what would've, i finally listened to them adn told u; I
like you, I have always liked u, ever since i met u at
floyd's b-day party a couple years ago...i don't know what
is about u, but i do...of course i went through that stage
when i hated u right after u broke up w/ me...but that
didn't last...i'm sorry i threw this on u, especially since
i know ur w/ someone, please don't hate me. well i guess
i'll go now...w/b/s