Fire Star

My battle
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2002-02-21 21:47:23 (UTC)

Day 3

Dear Diary,

Food Log of today:

Sorry I didn't get to write yesterday, but for the record,
I ate 4 stuffed shells and 2 sandwich turkey slices.

Today I atelunchat school. I had a chicken sandwich and
some cookie. I had to eat today because I must eat once a
week at school. I need to in case my mom checks how much
money is in my lunch account a school, she can't say I
never eat. I will trymy hardest to not eat dinner tonight.
I already told my mother that I atea big lunch and I'm not
that hungry. I will probably eat some low fat turkey slices
(to keep protien in my system) and I should be fine.(I also
figured today would be a good day to eat lunch since I had
lunch with my boyfriend.)

I had a pretty good school day today. I was a little
depressed about the whole lunch thing, but I figure, that's
what I had to do. I need my boyfriend to see me eat. I
really hurts me that I can't tell him about this, but he
just wouldn't understand. No one seems to understand, that
is why I can't tell anyone. I guess that's why i decided to
keep a diary. I need something to talk to, and this is as
close to a person as I'm going to get. On a diffeent note
(other than my eating habits) it was beautiful weather
today! I really don't like that winter. I can't leave my
house and it depresses me that its so dark and dreery.
Spring is starting to come, though. Today it was about 50
degrees and sunny. It put me in a great mood. I also got to
thinking today. I was remembering everything that happened
with me and my boyfriend from the first day we met to the
time we were friends till now. It's funny how when you meet
somebody you have no idea how much of an impact they may
have on ur life. It's definatly something to think about...

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