Lifeless Glitter
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2002-02-21 21:29:53 (UTC)

It's only 4:15

Ok, today I decided to add an entry early. Today I had a
heck of a time with my skirt at school.
(Note:Signs that your life is boring:you wrote about your
skirt being annoying in your diary)
It was this skirt that looked almost exactly like (Lauren)
this preppie's skirt. It has this HUGE split in the 3 inches above my knee and it's really...icky.
Brook was out of school today. She had a fever. I have a
sore throat, which is really icky because I am supposed to
be going to Birmingham(actually Trussvile) tomorrow or
I'm gonna leave you with that...partly because I am busy
and partly because I want to keep you wondering what else
happened to day in my very interesting life.

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