emily says hi
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2002-02-21 21:05:27 (UTC)

uhm....i haven't written in a long time.

i go to a school that woullnd't allow a stress free moment
even if my eyes were bleeding out of my sockets. thats the
main reason i haven't written in a long time. another reason
is that i just forgot. the reason i forgot is that it has
been growing painfully more obvious day by day that i have
nothing to say for myself. i wish i did. i wish i had
soething terribly terribly wrong with myself or some
reoccuring catastrophe that made me compulsivly run to my
computer screen so that i could tell the whole world what
happen (whole world = any brainless drip that reads this and
happens to be intrigued....fool.)
i read one of those "Johnny the homicidal maniac" cartoons.
max really likes invader zim and the comic book is by the
same guy. anna max and i toodled into hot topic one day ( i
had a reoccuring urge to sligh my wrists every two minutes
that i was inside the store.) i hate that place. i don't
know why. it's not as if im some kind of hard core kid who
wants to rebel against established punk/gothic refinery. i
personlly could go to the grave without thinking twice about
certain things. maybe if i keep writing in the diary thingy
i'll be a good writer.
i had to write a short story in my englsih class once about
any subject and i wrote one about a little boy named toby
who invited God over to his house to spend the night. i got
an A-. i guess that's pretty good. i couldn't tell you at
this point.
school and education wise.....i wish i cared. i wish you
cared. if your reading this i guess it means something. but
i don't care what it means. i'll think about it late tongiht
while i try to talk myself to sleep staring at the ceiling,
chanting in my head "what does it mean????" and i still
won't care as much as i wish i did or as much as i know i
should. GOD everyth