Peeking into the Fraggle Rockers Mind
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2002-02-21 20:36:03 (UTC)

Go outside and play!!


So I have come to the conclusion, that our world is really
messed up weather wise. Its about 60 degrees outside...yet
2 days ago I had frost on my car. I cant figure out HOW to
dress anymore, because I Dont want to get sick and be the
kid walking around with tissues sounding like "hwello guys,
my bose is stuppy". Translation- Hey guys my nose is
stuffy. For those of you wondering, hehe. School is going
along good, found out they will transfer yet another class,
whooo hoo!! The amount of summer classes I have to take
keeps dwindling. :) Even though I dont write in this
everyday, I think its cool because I have met a few really
nice people on here. INteresting to talk to people across
the U.S. Hi G :), Christi and Gloria!

Well the weather is calling me outside.

Kick it out,

"Can you kick it? Can you kick it hardcore??"- Ben stiller
*as I walk away laughing my ass off* lol

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