The lost little girl
2002-02-21 19:52:17 (UTC)

everybody get your groove on!! :)

ah yes thursdays...god how i love them...thursday is kareoke
night...that is how i tell my days..how many until
kareoke..and stuff like that..yeah i know..dumb..but when
you are someone like me..it helps.
I actually talked to aaron last night. we talked for a good
hour and a half..about everything..it was..interesting! I
was at that stage when i was just so depressed about my ..my
everything that i was talking up a storm and continually
laughing my ass off. he actually said he missed me. i didn't
know what to do. i tried to just continue talking..but those
words just kept echoing in my mind " i miss you"...oh god
what am i doing to myself.
i'm actually kinda bored right now. i'm just sitting here
infront of my computer just typing away and trying to see
how fast i can get going. nothing too spec. anyway. i can't
figure out what to do before tonight..i might see what
everyone is up to...i don't know yet.
well i have to be going..i don't really know where but
derrick's AIM window is blinking and i havent clicked on it
yet..and i don't want him angry..so i'll just do that
now..YAY i'm bite worthy..go me! yeah...byebyebye- the
little princess - janie

daily quote:
"you know i love you" - anon