~***~AngelBaby's Journal of Reflecti
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2000-12-06 02:20:18 (UTC)

Okay, so maybe I am always..

Okay, so maybe I am always pissy. I dunno. It seems that
I'm always having a sucky time of things when my friends
ARE happy, and things are going great for me when they are
all have a bad time of it. It's not fair. I still dunno
what to do about the guy situation. I mean, I KNOW that
he's in love with someone else, he's made that clear as
long as I've known him. But I don't see it going
anywhere. She has a boyfriend and I haven't heard anything
that makes it seem like she's going to leave him for any
reason. I feel so stupid, because I know I shouldn't have
started crushing on him and I did anyway. WHY???
He and I could definitely click, I know that. I just wish
that he saw that.
On top of it all, my ex IMs me yet again to bitch, that's
the ONLY reason he ever talks to me is if he's in a pissy
mood. GRRRR.....
Life sucks today, shoot me now.

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