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2002-02-21 18:04:39 (UTC)

What else could go wrong.

It has been about a month that I have noticed everything has
gone wrong. I feel that I have lost control of everything,
my work my health my social life. Hear me now, I have for
many years suffered with pain in my legs and I don't know
why or how but from Friday of last week my legs have been in
great pain. It feels like someone is ripping my hips out of
my body now you try to live your life like that to walk it
is a bitchy pain, to sit not foe to long you can't
imagine...Well unless you are my friends, they of course
think that I am faking this so I don't go to the gym well go
fuck yourself. because you have no idea I would prefer not
to have any friends if that is the case. I don't need
friends like that. If it is not my IQ I am stupid of course
no cock between my legs I hate my job and the fact that one
huge rival has gotten everything I want a man a new
promotion and a house and good looks and she a bitch. All
my friends can say is "you don't even talk to her" what the
fuck? She has won I might as well die. I cry everyday I
have lost a wonderful co-worker and not everything in my
life revolves around Diane and Monica, or Victor and
Christine. I will never understand and if you do read this
and you think that I need some carification think again.
Because I have been there for my friends and my friends to
turn around and say shit that I am faking my pain I wish
them a good life because it seems that the happier everyone
else is the worse my life is!

I hate you all fuck you!