Nick's Journal
2002-02-21 17:56:29 (UTC)

Fav song

Well I've finally gotten done with downloading some great
songs. it's still a mystery to me as to what makes a song
good and why it gives you a great feeling, but what the
hell i'll take it. yep i've found some songs that remind
me of some great times. one of the time when david
flicked the cigarette on the ground, one when stefan and i
called that lady fat and she understood us. but more
importantly, i've found those that remind me of the time i
drove back from my dad's going away celebration. i don't
know why that was so special.....i guess it really wasn't.
but that's the way it is with most of our special
moments. if anyone else were to hear about them they'd be when are you gonna make fun of
minorities? but i guess that's why they're so
special....because they only are so to you.
but anyhow, here i am riding along taking my mom's car
home and my parents driving in front of me. i've just
bought a shitload of cds as i'm about to move to austria.
and i have the car to myself so i can turn it up as loud
as i like without any bitching. so i have the music
cranked up going through my songs. and (as it looked like
rain all day) it finally starts to rain. but the clouds
are tearing open as the rain falls into the car and on my
arm as i have the window open. the warm june air just
flies over me and the rain feels so nice. for once i have
nothing to go to and no obligations. all i have to do is
drive the car home listening to my fav. songs. it's the
feeling of no obligation and utter relaxation that
probably made it so great.
yeah, so that's just one of those great times in my life.
so i'm watching jennifer lopez on mtv right now. (sound
muted of course as i am listenig to good music). i don't
get it. music has gone downhill. i mean don't get me
wrong i like j.lo, oh i don't, and i respect
ja, no, i don't respect him either. jesus,
it's so stupid how social and political issues dictate the
music we're subjected to. what to idiots come over from a
latin country and all of a sudden we have a fuckign "latin
explosion?" bullshit. i don't see too much of ricki
martin or mark antony, in fact the latter is still
pathetically clinging to his one hit. alas. only enrique
iglesias is still prancing around as the music industries
prize horse, but that's only because chicks like his
mole. yeah the latin explosion really lasted. rap and
hip-hop apparently are making a huge comeback, or actually
now are the mainstream. yet there is only one "artist" in
the top 10 that could pertain to that, and that would be
shaggy, and if you consider him either one of those, well
then....ha, that's just sad. the first "rapper" on the
charts is nelly. hhhhmm. yeah. but i'm subjected to
bling blings and such all the time on t.v. i have to see
missy elliot swinging around on a chandelier like an ape
to "get your freak on". alas. the socio-economic fact as
to why the rap cds haven't hit the top 10 so hard is
because african americans don't make up as large a
majority of our popluation as we white folks do, so it's
not fair to judge it like that i suppose. but the
equality comes when, all you see is rap on mtv, and
anything else is given in sparse quantities. yeah.....i
guess i deserve it.
however, i can always listen to my great songs, on my
playlist and think back on great times.