Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-21 17:49:04 (UTC)

...And Here We Go Again. Results Are In.

I can write.

Hoorah! The things, most important things to come out of
our little chat after the lecture today.,
I'll come back to that.

I can write, apparently, but my writing is very much stream
of consciousness, in case you hadn't noticed, but it seems
my essay-writing was too, I'm not certain....but, anyway.

I can take her my draft essay next week, and she'll get
back to me with it, after doing what she does...I don't
know. So, it worked out remarkably well in the end.

I don't know where else to mention this but I will. Our
lecturer was showing a lot of leg today. I don't know if it
was conscious or not, I guess so, but it made me quite
worried. You don't expect it, do you? But well, it
happened. (Sp.? Cjurse!)

And Anja has left us, with her lovely blue eyes, back to
Switzerland. I'm gonna miss her, y'know. She was part of
the furniture....

WILT? Camper Van Beethoven - Take The Skinheads Bowling.