punker waiting for godot
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2002-02-21 16:40:52 (UTC)


how can i wake up witth a hangover if i didn't drink last picks in my eyes and everything

last night was fun. the two bands before "snaper-her"
and "the resistqnce" was girlbands called sugerpuss, they
were ok and magnito, they were alittle better than ok.
their drummer was good. wanted to talk to her but somehow
that didn't happen. i guess the fact that they were both
high school girl bands kinda blew the candles out for me.
james(slum lords) called me at the show saying he was going
to cia to drop off a demo to a guitarist. i said in my
best valley vioce" duuuudde i'm already here and i already
gave him(snaper-her's guitarist) a rebuilt v8 demo". the
irony here is that james is trying out for rebuilt v8 and i
will replace him on bass in his band soon so he can just
sing. for two of us of our caliber to be causualy dropping
off demo's to the same guitarist is pretty funny. mostly
cause he's not that good and we're just bored enuff to go
out and do that.
cia is a new place run by artist types, i had to give the
door guy one of those"your not gonna let me in??? do u know
who i am". well after that an hour later i had to explain
who james was and the same story. i think he was getting
the idea. ron my nieghbor just busted in here making me leave. i'll