DayDream Believer
2002-02-21 14:39:52 (UTC)

Im back!

Sorry about the dealy, a lot of things has happend
lately,and Im gonna cheer the best part with you right now.
Satturday I was on this party witj Mo at Ed`s place....
(need I say more) Well, we where all sitting tougether in
the livingroom when Ed said, hey can I talk to you?
Sure I said, and he wanted me to come in to his room.
I was like oh no, here it comes he must think that Im a
slut afther last time (and first) I sow him.
He started to talk and I started to talk to get some
controll over the situvation , I was doing well for a while
before: "I need to know what you think about me?"
Ups, what do I say now?
Im at his party so I cant just say no Im into someone else,
so I just said " weeeeel, Im sure you`re nice, but I dont
really know you yet" something he was totaly okey with and
asked me to come to his birthdaypary. Then I got saved by
the bell by Mo who wanted to know if I was coming with him
to the bus and I said yes.
Mo missed the bus and wanted to know what had been going on
in Ed`s beedroom, like a miracle he actualt believd me when
I said nothing, just talking!!
He was drunk, much more drunk than I was (I`ve leard from
my mistakes) I started to get paranoid and though we was
talking about him then:-p
So I said no, we talked about Dante, witch wassnt that much
of a lie since he was mentioned.

But heres the cool part, before I went to the part I was up
on my job visiting the guys there. I asked if they were
gonna stay open or close the palce for the night, since I
wanted to come if it was open. Tim said it was probobly
gonna ble close, but that he was going to be there so I
could come and stay.
Right before I left for the party he cheecked the list agen
and said to me" well, looks like it`s gonna be just you and
Since Mo lost the last bus home I took him withe me to my
work. I diddnt have a key since Tim diddnt wanted to give
me one when he knew I was going to drink. So I called him
and he came up and unlocked the door so we got in. He
looked kind of dissapointed when he sow Mo then, hmm.
Downstairs were two of or regular visitors so it would
just me me and Tim if Mo haddn`t came with me..
Tim was in one room and the rest of us in a nother we where
all bussy on ecah computer. I was going to make my web site
that night, at least that was my plan.
Tim has been away on a trip to see this girl he`s been
talking with, but never told me about. Some of the other
boys did though so I knew about it and confronted him bout
it. He said yes and smiled, I said thet he had to tell me
everything so he said okey come in to the office then.
So afther a while I was sick of the computer and went in,
the first thing he said was who`s that boy?
So I told him about how Mo used to be here before he went
to the army. And told him to tell me about his girl.
So he did and showed me picutes, if they`ll ever get marrid
and have kids they gonna have the sweetest story to tell
their grand children, I`ll tell you that later.

Mo finaly realised that he was verry very drunk, so he took
a taxi home, I like Mo, but was happy about it:-)
So then I finaly got the time to sart on my home page but