Thoughts in the Confused
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2001-05-02 07:32:59 (UTC)

1st day back

WEll, gott up early because my bro woke me to tell me my mom
was making carmel rolls for breakfast ans that she was
making them earlier cause she was leaving. And because of
that I could not get my ass back to sleep. It was really
annoying. But I survived. So got to work . Hung around
for a good amount of time. Some more people showed and then
we started to move stuff over to the new office. That all
seemed to go pretty smooth. It was just very tiring and
heavy. lol

THen we started to set up stuff. And I started to watch
Office Space. That is a good movie. And we diddled with
the computers too. But things are moving along. The only
problem was that we did not have chairs yet and an internet
connection. But I guess the chairs are more important
though. Any way we bailed at about 4 Pm. It was nice to
get out early. I thought so atleast.

Not much else has happened. Watched the Blues games and it
was exciting and finally the Blues won 3-2 second overtime
and lead the series 3-0. THat is so cool, beyond words.
Turak is a God. Tlak to you all some more later. Hopeful
tomorrow will not be so labor intensive.

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