Fitz's Suga

Replying to Adam
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2002-02-21 11:14:48 (UTC)

Hey babe! What s up?? I m so..

Hey babe!

What's up?? I'm so tired, I'm gonna take a nice long nap
this afternoon when I get home and then get back to
painting and my sketchbook, I have none of my art homework
done and I'm pretty much screwed if I don't do it. Also I
have to write you and Wesley tonight, so I'll be pretty
busy. Oh! Guess what?! I'm getting my belly button piereced
soon! haha isn't that tight?? And my parents are cool with
it. I wanted to get it done before Caymon, but I'm afraid
it's to late to do it right now because it might get all
infected and shit and I don't want that to happen. But Libs
is going to get hers done this weekend or something.
Speaking of Libs, she jokingly said she was getting a
Bently (she was sarcastic about it) and that it costs half
a mil (it was funny) and Marissa and Kati believed her!
They were bitching about how spoiled she is, and I could
help but laugh my ass off. She's not really spoiled, and
she's the sweetest person in the world (hence she's my
other best friend besides you and Rach) she's really
getting a mercedes benz-I don't know what kind, but she's
driving it over here tonight if she can, I'm pumped! She'll
probably be driving me around till I can drive, but it's so
cool, and for her birthday in August I'm gonna get her cow
seat covers and a stering wheel cover with beads to hang
from her mirror. I can't wait, I'm gonna sneak over to her
house with some other people and we're gonna decorate her
car and stuff with toliet paper, etc. It's gonna be good!
She might be going with Rach and I on our roadtrip too! I
owe her a vaction because she's taking me with her to
Cayman on Spring Break (I'm excited, can you tell???) Okay
I have to get going to school, I'll write you more later, I
gotta update my other regular journal sometime soon...


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