I hate my life
2001-05-02 07:23:13 (UTC)

Ok I havent written in this in..

Ok I havent written in this in a long time so shoot
me...I've been busy doing alot of things...Like today I'm
gonna dye my hair blonde! I'm so happy about it. Plus I got
my belly pierced. I have also been trying to get caught up
in school. Guess I'm fucked there so next year I'm doing
home schooling I said screw it. I guess that's just me
though the other things I've been doing babysitting...(Oh
what fun NOT!) Plus I've been helping my brother get ready
for his graduation...So I have been busy with my life...I
still smoke wish I could quit...Plus I made my choice of
guys I'm staying with Ryan...I told that other guy to get