Lizzy 8oP

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2001-05-02 07:05:52 (UTC)

May 01, 2001 10:56 pm

Dear Diary:
Well, I got some sleep but I feeel it was not enough since I went to sleep at 1:42 am and woke up at 5:00 am. I really to go to sleep a lot earlier but that's if I imposible. Well today I had to leave to LA really early in the morning diary, I hate driving to LA it's too far, why can't the dance studio I go to be close, but no it has to be a little over an hour away! but oh well I can't do nothing about it. Well when I got to the dance studio my sweet and beautiful tutor Carol, checked my Calculus homework and my Economics too, im kind of really nervous because im took my Advance Placement tests and man hopefully I passed I will be happy if I at least with a 2 even though it's not passing but at least I will feel I tried my best and actually learned something, but if I get a 3 I will be having a party because it was really hard on me to take those courses and not be in a regular school. I also took my last test for economics for the last 3 chapters of the book and ahhhh I got a B on chapter 7 noooo , I got A's one chapters 5, and 6, oh well I can't do nothing about that either. After I took my test and got my last homework for Calculus, I practised my dance routines for 5 hours since 8am to 1pm and I was so tired and I had to pick up my boyfriend at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) but to my surprise when I was he was sitting on top of my truck! that little punk lied to me about ariving at 2, but I did not pay any attention to him lying to me at that moment because I was so happy to see him. Well, diary today I have nothing I have to complain about because im actually happy today, even though I feel on my ass twice today and one of those was because of Bri (im going to get you sooner or later Brian). Well I really g2g now diary because I want to go to a late movie, man I havent been there in like ages, but I probably wont be watching the movie most of the time ;).
~Lizzy ~

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