Dave's Mental Meanderings
2002-02-21 08:13:00 (UTC)

Poem - "You and I"

You and I are like north and south,
We both have eyes, ears and a mouth,
But that’s about where the overlap ends,
I have my women, my jokes and my friends,
You’ve got your books, your rhymes and your pen,
You’re the last on a list of forsaken men.
You hide in dark corners, shipyards and fields,
You’re forever forgetting the power your soul wields,
The power to deliver people from places
That are filled with fire and frowning faces,
The power to capture what most don’t care to chase,
To reach up your sleeve and show the world your ace.
You bought the right ticket but your train went too far,
Now you’re searching the sky for that certain star
That you thought would guide you to pastures of plenty,
But the place you’re at now is pitifully empty.
You must have been stuck on some book or a song
‘Cause you missed your stop and the road back is long,
Too long for your legs that were never so strong
As to take you away when you know something’s wrong.
But I’m well adjusted with a few minor quirks,
I’m a real crowd pleaser and I stick with what works,
I keep one eye closed and look past all the strife,
I delude my own soul for the sake of my life.
But that’s not your game, you can’t lie to yourself,
You’re better off befriending the books on your shelf.
You’re not like me, you don’t need friends or lovers,
You lay awake at night crying, curled under the covers,
Crying about things I choose to ignore,
You play by the numbers but I don’t keep score.
But there’s a bond between us much stronger than glue,
I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.