Mirror Of The Soul

A Look Inside
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2001-05-02 06:21:48 (UTC)

The Light

Love and the darkness of a Soul
I found myself one night,
In a deep dark lonely blackness.
Reaching and stumbling for a clue
of who and where I was.

Then I turned and saw the faint glow of a light,
away off in the darkness.
And although I knew that was my way out of here,
I found that my feet did not move.
It seemed that from somewhere inside
I did not want to leave this lonely dark place.
The loneliness and blackness
protected and hide me from any harm.
So I sat in the darkness and waited.

Then after what felt like an eternity in the blackness.
The faint light grew closer and brighter,
drawing me nearer and nearer.
And the closer I came to the light
the warmer and safer I felt.
Then in one indecisive move
I stepped into the warm bright light
and I could see that it was you who found me
in the darkness of my very own soul.