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Logic of the Insane
2002-02-21 07:03:19 (UTC)

Valentine of disaster

I haven’t written in a while, not due to the lack of ideas
or thoughts, but to the lack of time. I’m sorry. I am going
to ask a question, and I would like as many people as feel
compelled to, to respond with your thoughts. As I have
stated in previous entries, I am in love with a girl
named Shelly. However, because of certain personal
attributes, a 2-year age difference and a few confirmations that she
does not share my affection, my hope for the success of this
relationship is not to bright. Yet, still I
cannot just drop it. About a week or so ago, I began to
have similar feelings for another girl. This girl has
almost every trait of Shelly, except for the fact that she
is there every day, and she is 3 years younger. My feelings
for her have grown to some great levels recently, yet my
feelings for Shelly have remained the same. Then,
yesterday, another girl started to flirt with me and gave
me her phone number and drew a heart in my palm pilot. I am
attracted to her, but its not like the other two.
Now to my problem, 3 girls, 1 is really important to me, one is
very nice but not that strong of an interest, and one is just a side
thing. So, do I pursue Shelly, begin pursuing the new “crush,” or try
my chances with the other girl? I hate making decisions, but I don’t
want to be one of those guys with 3 big love interests in
my life at one time. Love really is a true mischievous
emotion. Thank you Eros! Till next time.