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2002-02-21 06:00:12 (UTC)

Another night, another head full of thoughts

So here I am, alone in the dark once again. Thoughts of
every kind running rampant through my head.
Primarily, Amy is on my mind. So much about her attracts
me to a point where I'm almost rediscovering myself. I
mean. . .why am I so enticed by someone like her. The
answer is relatively simple. She's got such an ordinary
appearance, but behind that appearance lies an truly
amazing girl. Maybe my interest in her comes partly from
the glee I possess over my own ability to just tell who I
would be compatible with. Or maybe something else. I
really don't know what it is, but I'm certainly glad I've
finally been given the chance to get involved with her.
I think many can agree with me. Whenever you meet someone
for the first time and you share an experience with them
that is simply amazing, you can't really get them off your
mind. Sometimes you can't even sleep.
Is this not the best frame of mind ever? I think so.
It's almost completely unexplainable in a sense. Perhaps
it can be described as maybe a "superficial love". I
don't really know. What I do know is that's utterly
fantastic to sit here and try and figure it out and find
absolutely no answers. Coming back to just having her on
my mind is a good enough reward for all of the thinking.
What else is amazing is the fact that so much more
scrambles through my mind at times like these. I will
write more later. Right now, I think I will sit here and
ponder her some more while I listen to music that puts a
feeling of joy in my soul. Goodnight.