artistic vent!
2001-05-02 05:42:35 (UTC)

When you get in a tangle, ......tango on - Al Pacino (Scent Of A Woman)

ok, well this is my one-millionth attempt to keep a diary,
but i figure that if i type it out i will be more likely to
actually do suppose i'm supposed to talk about
things here i go. Today was a pretty good day, i
played hooky from work and then i didn't do much..i feel
bad for not going to work, this is money that i need, i
don't know why i don't go sometimes,,,sometimes i wish that
they wouldn't not let me not come in, i wish that they
wern't so..ok with the fact that its slow and that i don't
want to be there...they should make me come in, send
someone to my house and hit me over the head with a big
stick and say "hey dumbass, get up and go to work so you
can buy me some more wooden sticks to beat you over the
head with"..hahaha maybe i don't wish that...but i do wish
that they wouldn't allow us to not come in just because its
slow...anyways...on with the day. My roommates boyfriend
came over today, and just played video games..and i'll tell
you this is getting annoying..the guy lives in my house, he
eats the food, drinks the coffee, dirties the dishes, does
everything else that my two other roommates do EXEPT PAY
RENT!!!, and this is getting on my nerves, just because
he's amanda's boyfriend (amanda is one of my roommates,
Shawne is the other, living with two girls is odd, being a
guy...oh, and please no Three's COmpany jokes..i've heard
them all...anyways) he does not have the right to just live
there for free..i need to talk to him..or something..i
don't know....the rest of the day was pretty much me just
running around town..going to the bank, and getting money
orders, and paying bills..damn the first of the month..i
hate it. One thing that happened today is that an old girl
that i used to like, from high school, and hell even before
that i liked her in daycare..many many years ago...well ok,
not that many, i'm only 19 (20 on May 9th!!) but you get
the point this girl has known me for quit some time, and
today i got an e-mail from her telling me that she wanted
to get together and do something...what does this mean, i
asked my self...why would someone just out of the blue just
e-mail me and want to do something..does she like me? Does
she just want to do that whole "remember when" thing..i
didn't know, but i assumed...i assumed that she liked me,
and if you saw what this girl looks like, you would want to
assume the same thing but, FINALLY it took 17 years of my
life for this girl to realize that we where good together,
and i mean come on we even have the same taste in
everything...her fav singer..Frank fav
singer...frank sinatra..and people, i live in
oklahoma..that is a little odd for a teenager to love jazz,
and big band music and only jazz and big band music, and
she is exactly the same and we were two grades apart all
threw high school so its not like we were planning
this..but anyways i talked to her on aol instant messenger
and i told her that i thought she had a boyfriend, and she
said she did but they are about over (that part i don't
like...never was a rebound much
putting together a broken puzzle with pieces spread over
two diffrent people houses ten miles apart..........bad
anology...but you get the she wants to go
and do something..all that jazz, i'll spare you the
details. So we will probably go and do something, and we
hopefully won't be stuck in the past we will HOPEFULLY talk
about things going on right now,...if i want memories i'll
open a photo album...ya know...but i'll keep you guys
posted on that whole deal. but other than that, that was my
day, i drove the 45 minutes and went and saw my folks, talk
to my dad about my workout schedule and if he has any
ideas, and scanned the house for anything my mom forgot to
hide before i come over, that had to do with my birthday..i
saw something with the word ken burns jazz wrote on
thats a good sign i'm getting something good,...along with
my trumpet that i know i'm getting..but thats another story
that i will tell i'm outta here...maybe if
nothing exctiing happens tommorrow i'll fill you cats in
on, things in my life so some of this stuff will make know about my
family...friends..highschool memories..i don't know...i
just feel like you are starting this book about me in the
middle and you have to be as confused as hell, but i'll try
and explain as i go, but untill next time every one take
care and goodnight.......