Thoughts to Share
2002-02-21 05:26:33 (UTC)

I have the best friends in the world.

My roommate....bless her little heart....she just wants to
feel better ASAP. We woke up very early Tuesday
morning....before 5 am..and she really scared me. So
luckily her parents came down and put their 2 cents in at
the infirmary. Hopefully, it knocked a little sense into
our vet/infirmary staff....doubt it, but we'll see.
Hopefully rest, and medicine...and a few more days and
she'll be good as new again. :-) Meanwhile I'm trying not
to inhale the cloud of germs I feel hovering over the lofts
at night...and keeping the room sterilized with constant
wipe-downs with Clorox wipes...ha.
So after being up for a while...it was a good thing I had a
quick brkfst of just cereal. Cell lab was....difficult in
more ways than one. We had to get a little baby chicken
and basically get his heart out. It was difficult,
especially b/c he was alive when we cut the top of the egg
off. It definitely took a lot of distancing myself and
concentration to get that done. It was a bit upsetting.
I caught a few innings of Mer's softball game and then I
came back to check up on the roommie and get ready to go
out for my birthday. That's right....celebrating my
birthday 2 and 1/2 weeks late. :-p I drove to Garner to
Ragazzi's to meet Amber, Beth, Blake, and Beth's boyfriend,
Michael. Ah, the meal....excellent. Then Blake gave me
the John Mayer CD. I had a song or 2 of his downloaded,
but I'd never listened to all of them, or really checked
out the lyrics. But I listened to it today and I LOVE it!
The music style seems pretty unique to me and I looked up
the song lyrics and they're pretty awesome. After dinner
we went to Michael's apartment and just chilled for a
little bit. Wow...I love my friends. It was just really
awesome getting to spend time with them for a little bit.
I was also rather impressed with myself at my navigational
skills. Getting around in Garner was a bit tricky, but
getting there and back I handled fairly well if I do say so
myself. :-)
Today I felt really bad when I woke up. So when I got back
from brkfst I took some severe cold/cough medicine b/c I
refuse to get this crazy sickness that everybody else has
been getting. Luckily by lunch I felt better.
Tonight Meredith and I ran to the Wal-Mart and to get
something for dinner. I feel like we bought out the entire
Wal-Mart. Hehe...except for the Cadbur eggs of
course...must resist. :-p But I did bu a CD holder thingie
b/c the one I have now is too small. So I'm rather excited
about that. Then we visited the Subwa in which apparentl
it was too much to ask for him not to spend 10 hrs putting
on his gloves and to give us 6 inch subs instead of 3
inches. :-p Geez. Then the ride back through Dunn was a
blast as we sung the Moulin Rouge soundtrack with the
letter "Y" left out. Ha...now that was a challenge. Tr it
some da, it's not so eas. Even tping is difficult. :-p
Watched some Dawson's Creek with the roommate and did a
little bit of homework.
Tomorrow should be busy with an early start in the
wonderful world of organic chemistry laboratory. Yuck.
Lots of other things to get done as well....cell lab work,
language lab work, and housing stuff.