Saving the Day
2002-02-21 04:55:08 (UTC)

i'll stare up through the darkness

Well as has been the way for the past week and the
forecoming weeks i got up this morning only to have to be
at school at 7:30. good ol' GI, and yes, i was a little
late-but i wasnt driving. thats another thing, after i
drove all that way to go get my brother on my day off...he
steals my car and uses it from 7-7 so i have to revert back
to my moochin' rides off people. oh well...the day was
pretty uneventful except that they played something
corporate on channel one today. everyone came up to me
afterwards to tell me they heard "my song" and how they
thought of me. that made me feel good. im also curious as
to the gluttonous article that holly and ben are writing in
the paper and how im involved. that girl sure confuses
me... i cant decide if she hates me or not...oh well
ignorance is bliss i suppose. Afterschool i had duet
practice with brenna then contest play practice... thats
going to be one little interesting piece of theatre. it was
quite interesting discussing the use of the f word and
crotchless panties with HG...he's a teacher for cryingout
loud. i cant wait to start though! it should be fun.
after ALL that i came home only to find my car was still
gone and that my mom planned on taking larry back to school
tonight...and that i would be stuck here with ian...BUT
then kerry asked me to go to the mall and we had a grand
old time. i bought a short little skirt and she bought some
bootilicious shoes. i love hanging out with her but
sometimes feel like i focus on myself a lot when talking
with her. if you're reading this...stop me next time i do
it! and that brings me brother larry is still
asleep on the couch (my mom is bringing him back to school
at 3:30 in the freakin' morning!) she's ludacrous so
tomorrow i have to get ian up and bring him to school
(early of course thanks to GI) anyway no more whining.
sorry i havent written in here forever...i'll be better i
promise. i've been pining over so many miles!! i miss you
SONG:"freakish"- saves the day