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2002-02-21 01:33:13 (UTC)

I am very Strong - I was beside Mel althought all toughs

Wednesday night at outside streets of my home town.
I met friend Mel and ignore all those false friends. Good
thing till she asked me to notice them. They started after
their tough things. I was right anything minding is her.
Carol looked up for me but I was sleeping at end of
afternoon. People told her I was not at home. I will see
tomorrow what she was looking for. Maybe some work to do
using this micromachine.
Some people of this town said me to try to work to some
big company in software support. I will dream about it
waked up. Last chance I had to do it I answered I did not
know about those software. It was not a problem. The
company family is the same of my micromachine software.
Tomorrow the best day. Micromachine said me to wake up early
morning to meet Mel. It off me from internet community
twice before I got to my diary.