Chronicles of She
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2002-02-21 04:15:40 (UTC)


Me and Alex just had a nice talk. We always have nice
talks in the middle of the night, it relieves a lot.. for
us both. Tonight, we talked about the burning bridge of
graduation. I choose not to go to school and I end up with
so many absences I can't bear. Then, I get suspended or
the administration just doesn't give a fuck and I fail
with flying colors.

I can't expect them to care about me, I'm just an ID
number among many other numbers.. except for those who
suck up and then they get special treatment.

Back to the point at hand. As Alex and I were talking, he
asked me what my interests were. I sat still for a minute
or two and thought about it. "What are they?" Do you know
how upsetting it is to know that you have no interests? I
don't do anything anymore. I used to twirl and go to RESPECT ( an
abstinence group ) and be involved with Drama. Now, I sit around
stuffing my face with Macaroni and Cheese or Chocolate Chip Eggos
and watch MTV all fucking day long. Yeah, those are my interests:
food and the television. I just want to be able to answer his
question. Be able to say, "Why yes Alex, I have many interests. Just
to name a few..____________, and ________________. I also enjoy

But that isn't the case at all. I lead this life. But what kind of
life is that? It's not one at all. Maybe I need to go learn to play
some sport, or gather up a hobby from the days of old. That's what I
need to do.. find an interest.

Maybe I'll get a fish.

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