Lifeless Glitter
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2002-02-21 03:50:08 (UTC)

Today is Today

Alrightie now...
Today has been...interesting. Brook is still grounded from
me, but that's okay because I might go to Birmingham this
weekend.(Travis ended up not going last weekend.)
Whitney wants me to go to mammaw's house this weekend...oh
Today was a pretty good day...until I came home.
I'm talking to Matt and he keeps starting to ask me to go
outt with's like, "no, you loser." I'm thinking
about either saying that, or being nice...or playing with
his mind. Like keep saying maybe or I'll think about
it...then say "hell no"...but I dunno. I'm too nice for
that...or maybe not.
Oh well...
I'm watching the Simpsons right now...
I am SO mean.

JonesyNobody: I was just going to ask if you would go :-[
but I know you'll just say no
Pop Ur I: maybe...maybe not
JonesyNobody: :-D
Pop Ur I: I didn't say yes...and I didn't say no.

Keep in mind this is the same Matt that gave me the
wonderful advice of telling Tyler that I like him, and
ruined any chance of Tyler even remotely liking me.
You don't even wanna know stuff that Brook told me he did
(...Brook is probably the only one who reads why
did I bother saying that?)
Ok, I sorta have to go take a shower and I'll
write some more tomorrow.

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