punker waiting for godot
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2002-02-21 03:21:39 (UTC)

cia tonight

jsut got back from an afternoon rehersal with "lee skull
and the crossbones". oooohhhhwwwww..... scrary elvis band,
be afraid...... be very afraid....ooowwwwhhhhh. naw their
ok. didn't sleep much last night my ear is still killing
me!!! and i gotta go back on monday to get the stiched
gause thing out of the skin part. great!! oh yea...

tonight at cia in North hollywood is some of my
friends "Snap-her" and "the resistance" with some other
bands first. should be a punk rawking fun time. kick yer
heels up and all that. just don.'t bump my ear god damn it.
looking forward to this weekend. we start up playing the
farmers martkets again from 8am to 1pm in the
hillbilly/blugrass/gospel band. i sure miss that. sat. at
torrence and sun at hollywood. will be a long day cause it
liiks like i will be also playing in the afternoons and
night on both days too. whheeew!! better rest up.. yea
right! like that'll happen.

mikey gave me a brand new fender red bass he bought for his
wife a couple years ago and she never even played it once.
it's still got the plastic coverings on the pick-ups. free
bass free bass i just love it when i get a free bass free
bass. ok nuff o that.

looks like i might get the phone turned off cause when i
moved in i just kept paying the phone bill instead of
putting it in my name. now they wanna turn it off and turn
it on in my name which sill take a few days . nice!!!

i saw jason(dead mans chior)at his tattoo shop to tell him
about the chanty sing tomorrow at san pedro. it's once a
month, but i wanna start one up here and have them bi-
monthly. chanty are what sailors sang while they worked on
the boats to help them work easier(and funner). is funner
a word? hhhmmm????

well dinna time i'm off to eat. yes again


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