Online With Patrick D. McCormick
2002-02-21 03:00:54 (UTC)

2/20/02 10:01:00 PM WEDS NIGHT RADFORD VA

Today smelled like rain. Nice. No thunderstorms though.
I miss the sound of thunderstorms.

I went to a lecture given by a UN economist today who
discussed a lot of things including 911’s impact on the
economy. She seemed nice, I hate it when lecturers talk
down to their audience. She didn’t.

I was written up for 8 weeks of “conduct probation”, by the
resident director, for having power bars plugged into one
another about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I fixed the problem the
next day; still Ben and I are on probation.

No mail. My jaw is swollen.

I went to my academic advisor today, I already had written
down what I thought he would advise. Easy enough

I need to take down one of my fish tanks to make room for
my new mixer and new keyboards. I also need to work on
some paintings, I have paint now:


The breeze from my window feels good; it smells like rain.
I need to read... I hope Kerry can finish looking over my
novellas soon so I can send them away.

[***omitted material***]