2002-02-21 02:47:07 (UTC)

just cus things arent what they seem...

doesnt mean you shouldnt dream..
just dont get your hopes too high
cus when things dont turn out right
your world comes crashing down.

yeah for real. erica sent me some email shit. whatever
dude. these kids are so dumb. i hate her.

"actually, the bottom line, you tell the truth sometimes.."

sometimes. sometimes people tell the truth.
work sucked. i didnt make a sale. im in an okay mood
though. kinda tired. caroline did my english homework for
me. that was sweet in a make me feel like shit kind of
way. sweet novembers on. woo hoo=) im such a nerd.
i wish my hair would hurry up and get long again. im way
over it and i hate spiking it. how in gods name do i find
a job? i really need to. havent talked to matt since
sunday. woo hoo again i guess.
um well. sweet november/sleep time now.