Chronicles of She
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2002-02-21 01:09:12 (UTC)


I stole the idea of having an online journal from a friend of mine,
Chelsea. She is an amazing girl who I met in Eau Gallie for a
District compettition for Drama. What's crazy is that I am
publishing my thoughts, questions and concerns on the
Internet for people, like yourself, to read. I'm not an
open person at all, so I guess this is a big
accomplishment for me.

Before you delve into the world that is me, I should let
you in on exactly who I am. I'm a seventeen year old girl
living in this shithole that is Kissimmee, FL. Probably
never heard it, but it's twenty minutes from the Infamous
Disney, where the mouse with the big ears resides. I'm a
senior in High School, and I probably will still be one
next year due to my severe case of senioritis. I
do have a boyfriend, Alex, who I will be discussing a lot
in this journal. He is the most wonderful, kind, and
generous person I have ever encountered and you are bound
to read about his most influential points in my life. I
have friends too, but the one I'll talk about most is
Kerry, my best friend. Short like Tinkerbell, and just as
moody and sweet.

That's my life. Currently. This will be my refuge when
things get tough and I hate the world along with the
people in it. This will be my survival.

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