The lost little girl
2002-02-21 01:05:31 (UTC)


i went to the high school with chris to show a certain
teacher my results from my test and i wasn't even allowed to
see her..what the hell..stef get a life and stop bothering
others with your minor fuckin' problems. ok anyway..
i fell in today. i couldn't take it anymore. i missed him to
much to continue this. i had to talk to him. granted it was
for like 5 mins...but whatever.so yeah, i don't know what
the hell is wrong with me. yes i made it two weeks without
him..but still it was funky...like i didn't feel better or
worse...well a little worse cuz you know me, every time
something happened i wanted to run to him for help or to let
him know or something like that.i guess i am lame. i guess i
really can't make it in this world without him in one way or
another. i don't know what the fuck to do now. i'm even more
lost than i was before. i can't take this..i'm getting off
line now..byebyebye- janie

daily quote:
" hey ram, isn't this a no ( insert homosexual derogitory
comment) allowed in the cafe' rule?"-kurt
"no, but they seem to have an open door policy on assholes
don't they?" - J.D.
( very good movie if you haven't seen it...Christian Slater
is very hot in this!!!)